I believe it's all a hoax.

Gregory claims that he can read people's minds.

Why are we helping Markus?

If anyone can do it, it's you.

Let's unearth the onions.

Her mother called her.

Erwin played the violin.

I just want you to know that I know.

Irvin doesn't have to pay attention to what Russ says.

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The earliest known record of a comet sighting was made by an astrologer of the Chinese court in 1059 B.C.

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Pilar filled the jug to the brim.

Such sports as tennis and baseball are very popular.

His house is not far from here.


What a wonderful present!

I can't stand golf.

Patience begins where it ends.

Hans comes from a well-to-do family.

He wore a red sash across his chest.

Radek isn't hungry.

The morning sun came in the window.


We sat up half the night just talking.

I'd like to dedicate this song to Ernest.

Let me give you my phone number.

I like apples.

Are you determined to get a tattoo?


I was trespassing.

A student from America lives near my house.

There's the use of four letter words.

Do you know whether or not Carsten plans to go to Boston next weekend?

Micheal glanced round the bedroom.

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I'm inside the bathroom because I'm washing my hands.

Andrew is doing everything possible to help.

How did you get interested in art?

Even if he doesn't come, we'll have to begin.

Who invented bureaucracy?

The researchers use the portal to enter into a different part of the universe.

If only I had listened to my parents!

It is Monday today.

I'll get the book.


Leave the lights on.

I hope they appreciate it.

It's the best way to solve the problem.

We have hope.

Nothing is more important than health.

Luc felt a little dazed.

She abounds in good will.

I think one of us is more than enough.

Tell me why you didn't ask him.

Did you borrow Srinivas's car yesterday?

He came to listen to jazz.


My father finally learned to drive when he was fifty.

Your method is better.

We're a little different.

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Ain't no pot so crooked, you can't find a lid to fit.

She awaited her husband with the house so tidy that the flies would have heart attacks.

I thought you might've talked to Valentin.

I need coughing medicine.

"What kind of bouquet would you like?" "I would like a bunch of roses!"

A lot of people are starving in the world.

Her house is near the sea.

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Will the ice bear our weight?

Lunch will be ready soon.

I've never seen Kit so tense.


He is better off than ever before.

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Leo's shoes don't fit him very well.

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Julianto is not a drug dealer, he's a rug dealer.

I'm looking for someone to fall in love with.

Earnie knocked tentatively on the door.

Italy's beaches are crowded in the summer.

How is it with you?

Cities are exciting places, but also stressful.

I'm seeing her again on Monday.


You will not remember. I will never forget.

I cannot let them catch me.

I like grilled offals!

What did you do in the meantime?

Elias seems bright.

The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people.

They had had that problem before.

Jean used a fake ID.

James Bond was always depicted as a high roller in his movies.


Sorry, good looking is not enough for me. Call me again when you will have grown beautiful.


They made love wildly.


Malcolm meant a lot to me once.

I love seeing you so happy.

My wife spends money as if I were the richest man in town.

You need to trust someone.

Today they'll show a good movie.

He's unlucky to a pitiful extent.

Reason is the only thing that makes us human.

There are some indications that the reception, which is known for its luxurious dishes, will go a bit on the back burner this year.

They're not evil.

You too.

I like both Susan and Betty, but I think Susan is the nicer.


In her latest works she lets the uncanny swing like a grotesque pendulum from the humorous into homelike cosiness and back again.

Don't fire them.

Who translated this letter?


Brendan came to Boston in 2001.

Do you know anybody here?

Do you want them to stay?


Hello, how are you?

My friend did that when he went there.

I don't think there'll be any problem.

You're being silly.

That's clever.

I didn't know the truth until yesterday.

I don't think that's going to work.

Stop complaining about the weather.

Majority rule is a basic principle of democracy.

When will I be able to talk to Sedovic?

Don't go to illegal meetings.

I want to open my own restaurant.

Do you feel pain in any other part of your body?

I suppose I could wait a little bit longer.

Tracy would like to buy a house.

Sir died when I was three.

Reid's boss appreciates his work, but he doesn't want to give him a pay raise.

Your shirt button is coming off.

John caught a tiger and shot two lions.

That's what you don't get.

Tran seemed very excited.

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Are you saying that's not true?

You must do work.

I called him a coward to his face.

Who knows that?

You have to expect that once in a while.


The modern, rational, logical and unprejudiced science has already given us far more secure knowledge and immeasurably more than any religion has ever given us.

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Josip often sleeps on the couch.


We'd better humor Sid.

Marc has serious problems.

I work at the post office.


Chris always wondered why Tanya hated John.

We can't all be like them.

She's waiting.

She was looking miserable sitting in the middle of this snowstorm, so I threw a small coin at her.

I like to learn languages


How many people use these?


This music is popular with young people.


Ralph wanted to cancel the fundraiser.

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Are you ready to set off?

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Why would anybody want to hurt me?

Gossip that the diva had gotten married was spreading.

I refused to believe it.

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All I want is to be alone for a few months.

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Stop it! I'm a Giants fan.


The premier paid a formal visit to the White House.


That just doesn't make any sense.

I'm a patient man.

"Why aren't you going?" "Because I don't want to."


I bought this book for myself, not for my wife.

It's finally time to leave.

In English "blue" and "blew" are homonyms.


There's a revision of his work.

Siping opened his guitar case and took out his guitar.

I was injured.

In the parent's mind, a child grows but does not age.

I don't want to remain here.


We can only know her approximate age.


Sleep is better than medicine.

I planted an apple tree in my yard.

In Saudia, women do not drive cars.